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     I have much experience with professional program and curriculum development, including developing, implementing, and evaluating two midwifery pathways , as well as a training on normal birth skills and postpartum hemorrhage, for nurses and midwives in Liberia. 

     I have also worked with virtual and telehealth programs, such as the implementation of comprehensive, interdisciplinary  fourth trimester care, with both individual and group models. 

     I am especially excited about helping healthcare services and providers offer a greater continuity of care, everything from preconception to postpartum, to have as much support and information for birthing people and their families as possible. 

     I also have a focus on incorporating fitness into OB/GYN and midwifery practices, especially during the perinatal period. 

     I offer workshops and guest lecturing about a variety of topics related to midwifery, pregnancy, and postpartum care. 

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