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Filling the postpartum care gap

Six weeks after birth, most people will meet with their healthcare provider for their first -- and only -- postpartum checkup. The lack of postpartum care stands in stark contrast to the regular prenatal visits prior to delivery. One visit at 6 weeks is not only arbitrary but completely inadequate for most parents who need care, support, and education well into their child's first year of life. Tanya's programs and services will, as one former client so eloquently explained, fill and overfill the gaps in our healthcare system and give women the postpartum care that they deserve.  

Thriving After Birth: Self-Paced Comprehensive Postpartum Education

Mother Wit understands that one-on-one care is expensive for most people, but everyone deserves support and access to high-quality information. Thriving After Birth contains a wealth of content, curated by Tanya herself, that touches on many of the topics covered in the Comprehensive Care program. When you purchase Thriving After Birth, you can access this content any time, and your access never expires. If you want to become a more informed, prepared, and empowered parent, this course will truly help you thrive in the postpartum period. (For only $147 -valued at $397!)

Comprehensive Care and Texting-Only Programs

Tanya provides one-of-a-kind, personalized, and comprehensive postpartum support covering topics that are important to you and answering questions that you need answered. Using her two decades of experience, Tanya will gently guide you through any storms that arise. And, with her extensive industry contacts, Tanya is well-equipped to refer you to some of her most trusted colleagues such as lactation consultants, pelvic floor physical therapists, sleep consultants, and mental health professionals. If you want the peace of mind of having Tanya on call when questions and concerns inevitably arise, one of these programs is for you. 


"I 100% think I would have had severe postpartum anxiety and depression without Tanya. I feel like she saved me from myself."

Nicole P. / Comprehensive Care graduate

"Tanya was so valuable when traditional providers can take a day or two to respond to questions. She did a great job of always checking in with me. I feel like it’s rare in women’s healthcare to say, 'Ok this is the plan that works for baby BUT what about you?'"

Andrea K. / Comprehensive Care graduate

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